“Tater Barrel” Stays Full at Children’s Home

Jean Davis and Sherry Reeves shared this unforgettable story in a recent meeting with several leaders of the Rye

Times were hard at Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home in Wilkes County. One night, the houseparent noticed that there were only three potatoes in the pantry, and a total of five children waiting for supper.

At that point, the staff members got down on their knees. They thanked God for the chance to work at the Home, and prayed that He would send what the boys and girls needed.

That same evening, three different people felt the need “to bring taters for the children.” All told, over 600 pounds of potatoes were delivered in that one night!

Jean and Sherry emphasized that the staff did not make any phone calls or send any text messages or e-mails.  They also emphasized that God really cares about little children.