Where’s Mr. Rye?

In the early days of our new foundation, the office received a letter with the salutation, “Dear Mr. Rye.” Of course, there is no Mr. Rye or Mrs. Rye at the Rye Foundation. But there are hundreds of individuals who care deeply and passionately about helping North Carolina children reach their God-given potential.

Warren Steen

We have friends like Boyd and Leely Lowe of Clemmons, who updated their estate planning as a memorial to their son Alan.

We have friends like Barbie Kale of Walkertown, who asks this question before making any charitable contribution: “I see good in it, but is God in it?”

We have friends like Biscuitville founder Maurice Jennings of Greensboro, who always has a positive word and an entrepreneur’s “can-do” spirit.

We have friends like Dottie Petree of Advance, who realizes that today’s youth face unprecedented challenges along with unequaled opportunities.

We have friends like Jacque Pennell of Winston-Salem, who established our “corporate culture” of helping one child at a time.

And we have countless friends who have spent their careers searching for success and now – through their philanthropy – are searching for significance.

Their combined efforts are seen all across North Carolina in the form of new playgrounds, camp lodges and chapels.  They have funded scholarships, musical instruments, sports equipment and Bibles.

No, we do not have a Mr. or Mrs. Rye.  But if we did, I believe that both of them would be very, very proud.

J. Warren Steen