A timely update on activities and events at the Rye Foundation

Magazine Coverage Recognizes Foundation’s Impact

We have received numerous positive comments about the March issue of Forsyth Family magazine, which contains an in-depth feature article on the philanthropy of the Rye Foundation. It is titled, “Making a Difference in the Lives of Children.” Three of the first to offer their congratulations on the coverage were a Presbyterian minister, the former district governor of Rotary International, and the president of the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce.

Camp for Military Families

One of our recent charitable gifts went to Camp Hanes in Stokes County. Each summer, the camp hosts a specialized week, and every child who attends has had a parent wounded or killed on the battlefield. Last year, a total of 265 children participated. Plans are being finalized for a site tour this summer.

Memories of Billy Graham

When the Rye Foundation was established, our very first gift was $25,000 to the Billy Graham Training Center for its youth camp. Soon thereafter, Warren Steen had the privilege of introducing Mr. Graham to each member of our Board of Directors, and he thanked each one personally. A photo of that event hangs in the foundation office, and reminds us all of his lifetime of Christian service.

A Closing Question

Author Bob Buford was right. He wrote that many of us spend years and years in a search to be successful. Then, we evaluate our priorities and seek to become significant. What kind of legacy do you plan to leave ?