Churches, Rye Build Home for Wounded Vet

 “American Hero Project” Nears Completion

When 89 churches announced plans to build a home for a wounded veteran, the Rye Foundation became one of the first organizations to lend its support.

Today, a 3-year dream has become reality and the 1,358 square foot home is under roof near the Smith-Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem. Funds from the Rye Foundation were earmarked to provide a sparkling new playground at the home.

Bill Ammons, who coordinated volunteer efforts among the churches, said the local congregations came from five counties. Those were Davie, Forsyth, Rockingham, Stokes, and Surry.

“When everything is completed, we expect the home to be appraised at $140,000 or more,” Ammons said.


Volunteer work crews handled most of the construction, and a formal dedication ceremony is being organized.

Ammons and his team worked with a Triad nonprofit to identify a suitable resident. Veterans Helping Veterans Heal provides a wide array of services, including job training and assistance in returning to civilian life.

Warren Steen, the President of the Rye Foundation, said that research shows that families of veterans face emotional, financial, and spiritual issues. “Our prayer is that the new playground will show that people really care about veterans and their families,” Steen stated.

Recently, several members of the Board of Directors toured the “American Hero Project” to see how their philanthropic gifts are making a difference.

Cooperation was evident throughout the project. A vivid example of this cooperative spirit occurred during the construction phase, when a well-dressed lady drove onto the site. She had noticed the large sign announcing the Hero House. After getting out of her car, she reached into her purse, and pulled out her checkbook.

“My father served in the military,” she said, “and I want to make a donation.”